Feb 122009

Because it’s so much fun to hear from you, I hope to make “Your 2 Cents” a (more or less) weekly feature.  Unfortunately, until the worst of the baby distractions are over, this may be just a sad reminder of how little I’m managing to post.  Oh well.

Anyway, today’s topic:  Who’s your TV Boyfriend or TV Girlfriend?

Mine tends to change every few months —  name a show that I watch, and at some point it provided at least a fling.  These days, I’m leaning toward Peter from Fringe.  Which is a bit funny, because I never watched Dawson’s Creek and was initially quite skeptical of the decision to cast Joshua Jackson.

But in the past year, I’ve also covered pretty much every male character on Lost (except Sawyer, ew), Sylar on Heroes (though, sure, the serial killer thing is a bit of a drawback), even tiny Gio on Ugly Betty (something in the way he looked at Betty, sigh).

Mr T, on the other hand, is more of a one-woman boy:

(Though not entirely, given that this week’s topic is partly inspired by tomorrow’s premiere of Dollhouse. And I know he flirted with Eliza Dushku in her Buffy days….)

Other burning questions:  Are you loyal, or a TV slut like me?  Does your real-life love know about your crush?  Does the character’s personality affect your choice, or is it just looks?  And do you ever (as I do) feel guilty if the person is happily coupled on the show and/or in real life? Please do dish below!

(Image source one, two)

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  1. too funny- I’ve been loving on some Fringe-era Josh Jackson, Desmond from Lost, and Sylar too. But my heart belongs to both Helo and Sharon on Battlestar Galactica. Hotness x 2!

  2. Mmmmm… I lurv Joshua Jackson since the Dawsons Creek days. What is this Fringe you speak of?? Note to self: investigate.

  3. Desmond is mine, Sweet T! (ok, we can share) Hodgins on bones (I like the cute geeks). Daniel on Ugly Betty (though I did have a thing for Gio – never Henry). Pretty much every male character on Firefly (especially Simon). Apollo on Battlestar (and a girl crush on Starbuck too). Tom Paris on Star Trek Voyager.I could go on.I’m a total TV whore.

  4. You ladies all have great taste!Sweet T — I definitely know what you mean about Helo. Almost included him in my list, but held that little tidbit back because he’s also starring in Dollhouse and I don’t need Mr T knowing the REAL reason I don’t object to his watching that show… ;)Kasia — “Fringe” is the new JJ Abrams (Lost, Alias) show on Fox this year. It has its ups and downs, but there are some good characters with real chemistry. Worth checking out (especially if you’re into you-know-who), and it’s all on Hulu.And Jen — Glad to know I’m not the only one, on so many of those fronts!

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