Dec 012012

It is December, and WEverb is upon us for another year!

If you haven’t heard of WEverb, it’s an effort to reflect upon the past year and prepare for the new through daily creative prompts. Answers can be shared on blogs, through Instagram photos, or just privately in your own journals. You can find all of this year’s prompts right here.

I probably won’t participate every day this year, and mostly because the year was such a bummer. There are only so many ways you can say “I was really sick, but at least my family makes me happy.”

But today’s prompt is to summarize the year in haiku, and I can’t resist a good haiku prompt. (If only because I personally started the haiku-prompt tradition.) Haiku is like the Instagram of poetry — easy to fake artistic depth.

Without further ado, the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome lament:

Time marches. Life waits. 
No answers. Doctors can’t fix 
What they don’t believe.

Are you participating in WEverb this year? (It’s never too late to join!)

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