Oct 172012

We’ve been hearing it from strangers for years. Sometimes to our faces, sometimes just a famous name murmured between women as they pass us on the street. The latest, from a stewardess on our Virgin America flight to California: “Oh my goodness, your child looks just like Suri Cruise!

After the flight, Mr T admitted he wasn’t 100% sure what a Suri Cruise looks like. We ran a Google Image search when we got to the hotel. Vera and Suri don’t have exactly the same face, and the eyes are different colors. Sometimes I think people compare on hair alone. But a few of the photos were actually a pretty good match!

What do you think?

This is going on the cover of V’s first album.

Vera saw this on my computer and said “Hey, it’s me with Daddy!”

(Suri sources: 1, 2, 3)

Do you have a celebrity lookalike in your life?


  3 Responses to “Vera’s Celebrity Lookalike”

  1. I can see it, but V is cuter. ;)

  2. Which one is our moppet and which one went through silent birth?!

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