Feb 162010

In the real world, the combination of illness and baby means our house is a mess, my to-do list remains un-done, and life generally falls apart around my ears.

But in the fantasy world in my head, everything is clean, organized, and beautiful.  Down to the tiniest details, such as these cheerfully colorful binder clips:

Photo and tutorial from How About Orange.  Tutorial uses fabric scraps, but paper and ModPodge (yes, again with the ModPodge!) would be even easier.

  2 Responses to “Tutorial Tuesday: Covered Binder Clips”

  1. I love these. We’ve got a thousand of these clips lying around because my husband has a Staples addiction. But I’m with you: this might be a fantasy project. ;-)

  2. Oh, I totally understand having a Staples addiction! Recently I saw an ad for newfangled file folder tabs and got so excited I almost drooled. Over FILE TABS! Also the reason I’ve never been inside a Container Store — I fear it would have a crack-like addictive effect. ("It only takes once….")

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