May 182007

This week I finally took care of the vast mess of earrings that has been sitting in a tin on my dresser for, oh, forever….

For the past few years, I’ve organized necklaces and bracelets on a chrome tree meant for displaying hand-towels in the bathroom.  It works quite well, and I like the look.   So a while back, when I saw a similar holder with narrow arms on sale for a couple of dollars at TJ Maxx, I thought, “Why not earrings?”


The hanging earrings slip easily over the bars of the holder.  For post earrings, I simply doubled lengths of satin ribbon over the top bar.  Was feeling lazy that day, so I just pinned it in place with sewing pins.  Eventually I plan to sew the ribbon in place, glue it with fabric glue, or, at the very least, replace the ugly sewing pins with the nicer pearl-tipped variety!

The empty space at the bottom would work well for a small jewelry box or a collection of containers for rings or other pieces.  (For now, I use the space as a shrine to my beloved orange cat One-Eyed Jack, who passed away a couple of weeks ago.)  Speaking of rings, here’s what I use for mine:


They sell the glass hands on ebay as displays for people who sell jewelry.   I hope to sell my jewelry someday, but in the meantime I just enjoy the hand as a piece of sculptural art in its own right.

As a postscript, by coincidence I discovered yesterday this post on Elegant Musings with an adorable holder using an empty frame and wire.  It doesn’t work for post earrings, but looks like a great idea for the hanging variety.

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  1. That is a very good idea. My earrings and all other knick knacks are sitting in a paper box. And everytime I want to wear one, I have to dig through, until i find the one I’m looking for.Darryl Keith

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