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Ah, the thorny issue of packing shoes for travel: If you bring too many, they’re bulky and heavy. But paring down means you have to plan your wardrobe extra carefully so that everything matches in color and style.

Or, you could just do as our then-2-year-old did for one memorable cruise to the Bahamas — pick your favorite pair, and wear it every day.

Rain boots by the pool.

High fashion? Break out the rain boots.

You know what keeps sand off your feet at the beach? Rain boots.

Oddly, the rain boots actually worked with every outfit. Apparently, it’s all in the attitude — you’ve just got to commit to your look. How do you choose your travel shoes? Do you ever just pick a single pair and run with it?

Posted as part of Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday — a fun weekly peek at photos from all over the world.

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  1. Omg, that is soooo cute! I love it particularly because my daughter (who’s now a teenager) never had strong opinions about anything she wore – I just dressed her and she was fine with it. That’s why I think it’s so cute when little girls are fashion-minded or insist on certain outfits. Adorable.

    • Funny, I’ve been wishing I had a kid I could just dress how *I* wanted! Always imagined my girl in classic Euro-style clothes in neutral colors — instead I’ve got a pink princess in a tiara and ballet tutu. But it’s HER — the embodiment of her creative personality — and that’s what makes me love it. (I’ll never forget the time I saw a preschool-aged girl at the airport in a giraffe costume. In April. Had to respect that mom for letting her daughter put that one on!)

  2. She is just adorable! Me, I just take flip flops (thongs/jandals) and a pair of hiking boots or trekking shoes, depending on how seriously we’ll be trekking. The flip flops are essential for wearing in showers, I make them do for just about everything else too. Trekking shoes do for things like the Grand Palace in Bangkok, where covered shoes are required. The kids just take Crocs, but I’m buying them some trekking shoes too for our next trip, those little legs are strong enough to take on some lower parts of the Himalayas now. i used to be such a shoe girl, I don’t even own a pair of heels now!

    • Wow, sounds like you travel to some amazing places! Can’t wait to check out your blog. And I need to get some good trekking shoes even just for serious hikes around cities. The one thing that’s hard to do right when you’re an Internet-only-shopper and cheapskate, like me.

  3. Love the wellies! They really do go with everything, everywhere.

    • My daughter actually inspired me to buy my first pair! Started with basic black, but hoping someday to work up to kitties and flowers like the fantastic kiddie options.

  4. I LOVE rain boots in the Bahamas – what a fashionista!! She’s lucky her feet are still tiny – I would love to pack some wellies but they take up too much room in the suitcase! My younger daughter LOVES her shoes and has a very difficult time trying to decide which ones to pack – 4 or 5 pairs often make it into her suitcase. :)

    • Agreed — the little girls get to be so much more fashionable when you can pack 3 changes of clothes a day without taking up any extra space. And of course when mom and dad are footing the bill. ;) They should enjoy it while they can!

  5. Love this! My eldest son is 2 and a half and he’s a fan of his wellies too :)

    • Why did I never realize their genius before this? I think they’re just not an American thing, traditionally, but it’s so wonderful to be able to splash through mud and puddles without a care. And love the word “wellies” — I may have to adopt it myself.

  6. Your daughter is so adorable and such cute pictures! She is a budding fashionista who made it work and yes, attitude is everything. I used to dress my daughter in whatever I wanted but as she got older started making her own choices. Her version of the rainboots were flip-flops. We live in San Diego so it was acceptable but I had to draw the line wearing them in church. :) She’s now into wearing black ballet flat shoes for everything as a tween.

    • Wow, I can’t even begin to guess how our little fashionista’s choices will change as she grows older. Should be interesting! (And I love seeing/hearing how older kids travel with their families. Things to look forward to….) We’re visiting San Diego next week — looking forward to seeing it for the first time!

  7. What cute pictures and an adorable girl. I have a 5 year old girl who is exactly the same. She’s sitting here in ballet slippers, a handbag and a dress she wore to a wedding (with a thermal underneath cause it’s snowing outside!). We’re not going anywhere today … but apparently that’s no reason not to wear nice clothes, and clearly ballet slippers are a must for any outfit. We went for a drive around NZ last week and she was determined to pack her rain boots! They came in quite handy. It’s definitely all about the attitude! There’s no way an adult could pull off a completely mismatched outfit in 30 shades of pink with rain boots and at least 15 hair clips!

    • Ha ha, I love the description of your daughter’s outfit. Good call on the long underwear — fashion shouldn’t mean suffering the cold. (My daughter has a dress-up bride-style dress that she often insists on wearing for every day. Yes, sometimes with rain boots.) And it’s interesting how kids can totally pull off those outfits that would probably have an adult committed to an institution. Wonder what age is technically the cutoff? Whatever it is, I fear that ship sailed for me long ago!

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