Sep 172012

Well, I’m back. Seems all I do is talk about leaving and coming back, so let’s just skip it for now, shall we? Photos are much more interesting! Here are a few highlights from the months I was gone.

We celebrated Vera’s third birthday:

Mama had a much-needed solo vacation in Sedona, AZ:

The whole family spent two memorable weeks in Hawaii. (Expect many more details/photos about that!):

Vera spent a lot of time with her sibling Sheltie:

Our walls looked like this for 4 months (and counting). But don’t worry, everyone assures us it’s much worse in person. The garbage bag covers a spot where the ceiling fell in. Thanks, water leak from the condo upstairs!:

Vera further developed her own personal style — best described as pink sparkly fairy princess ballerina — and Mama discovered Instagram (@twowishes):

Biggest and best of all, Vera started public full-day preschool a few weeks ago! Big transition, but it’s a fantastic school, she has a fantastic teacher, and she’s going to love it once she gets past the social anxiety of her first time away from home.

And you, my friends? Any big events in 2012?

  2 Responses to “The Year (So Far) in Photos”

  1. SO happy to see all your smiling (and one furry!) faces! Vera is so grown up! Can’t wait to see more. Our 2012? First house, second puppy, no babies (yet!!!)

  2. Aw, thanks, dear! Yeah, they grow up fast, especially when they’re wearing 5-year-old sizes at age 3. And a house and new puppy are big things indeed. Congrats on both!

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