Sep 272009

Despite severe sleep deprivation, Mr T and I set our alarms Friday morning to attempt Springsteen tickets.  And we got them!  Which, … what?  What happened to 2-minute sell-outs?  Those anti-scalping measures must be having an effect.

Anyway, seemed a good occasion to share a quote that spoke to me as a former recovering perfectionist.  According to a recent Slate article on the making of Born to Run, Springsteen had a lot of trouble finishing the title song.  Over 6 months, he made many, many changes. Eventually, producer Jon Landau told him this:

According to writer Dave Marsh, Landau called Springsteen and said, “Look, you’re not supposed to like it. You think Chuck Berry sits around listening to ‘Maybelline’? And when he does hear it, don’t you think he wishes a few things could be [changed]? Now c’mon, it’s time to put the record out.”

Man, I’ve had that feeling of revisiting the not-quite-perfect project.  Guess knowing there’s good company out there puts the whole thing in perspective!  (Which is why I’m hitting “publish” in 3 … 2 …. 1….)

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