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I am crazy for vintage design. For furniture, my favorite styles come from around the 1940s, when styles began to incorporate the smooth lines and honey colors of Mid-Century Modern but still retained a few decorative flourishes from the Art Deco days.

My pre-Mr T apartment sported a real dining room, and I decided it needed real dining room furniture. As usual, this meant searching Craigslist and Ebay for super-cheap versions of the vintage styles that I love. The sideboard and china cabinet came from a DC-area government scientist who talked my ear off about politics and science. The pieces had been in her family since they were first purchased in the 1940s. I know less about my dining table and chairs, which came from Boston via Ebay, dropped at my door by a curmudgeonly man with a trailer.

Here’s a tiny bit of my dining table legs (which isn’t terribly relevant to this post, but I can’t resist the puppy photo of Zoe):

And here’s a chair:

Cut to last week, when Mr T and I were finishing Season 2 of Mad Men. There was an episode where Don visited an old friend in California. He was shown fixing the leg of a wooden chair. And when he turned it over, we saw this:

I can’t tell you how bizarrely excited I was to see my chair on Mad Men! When the new season starts, you can bet I’ll be watching extra closely in case any of my other vintage possessions show up in the background.

Have you ever had a copy of your possessions turn up in a very unexpected place?

  10 Responses to “My Dining Chairs Are Famous!”

  1. That’s so awesome! As a HUGE fan of Mad Men I’m green with envy at your impeccable taste and your famous chair!

  2. I just have to say the Mad Men is my favorite show in the whole world and that is super cool.

  3. I knew there had to be at least a few more Mad Men fanatics out there…. Isn’t it weird that a show with so little action can be so compelling?

  4. My husband and I <3 Mad Men! I can't wait for the new season to start in only two more days!

  5. Before this shot, Don was fixing one of the chairs. I have also worked on these chairs. This is more or less the only respect in which I can say I have lived like Don Draper.

  6. Let’s keep it that way, Mr T….. Let’s just keep it that way!

  7. I have the same chairs! I just saw them on Mad Men too! I bought them recently in Dallas, a set of eight.

  8. Oh my goodness, Swiggs, that’s amazing! Chair buddies! Maybe they were a popular line back in their day? (Or maybe people just liked them so much they kept them in action over all these decades — I think I like that theory.)

  9. I have the exact same chair! And I recognized it from the show when it was still upside down! I got mine at a goodwill in LA. They do film Mad Men in LA, maybe its the one he touched… Haha A girl can dream!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your dining chair anecdote on my blog. Love hearing about other people who own the “famous” chairs!!! And it’s cool that you got them from LA — you definitely should choose to believe that one of them has been caressed by J Hamm himself. :)

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