Jan 202009

This week marks an exciting time to be a proud resident of DC.  But it’s strange to be surrounded by historic events when you’re not allowed out of your house!  Most of my exposure to this weekend’s Inaugural events has come from TV and the Web, just like for everybody else.

I do get the occasional man-on-the-street update from Mr. T.  He returned from walking Zoe late last night with tales of National Guard members guarding our block.  Earlier, he reported lots of frantic people trying to catch cabs in the cold.  Revelers pass our front door loudly at all hours (we have a convenient-but-not-quiet location between the building’s front door and elevator), including a few hearty souls who left at 4:00 this morning to reserve a spot for the day’s festivities.

Although we live a mere 5 blocks from the Capitol, Mr. T and I watched the swearing-in on TV.  We did hear the cannon salute, and the Bush helicopter leaving after the ceremony.  So there’s that.  (Now the sounds outside are almost entirely emergency vehicle sirens.  Mr. T’s theory is that today’s estimated 2 million visitors are starting to succumb to exhaustion and cold.)

The Capitol looked fantastically red-white-and-blue this morning.  But I figure we’ve all seen the same photos, so here are a few from Inaugurations past.  Here’s hoping that when we look back on archive photos of this Inauguration, some 30 or 40 years hence, we will remember today as the start of a flourishing period in this Nation’s history.

How are you marking today’s historic events?

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