Nov 012011

[While] we had a lot of feelings and observations and memories and dreams and (God knows) opinions we wanted to share, we all ended up just the tiniest bit resentful when we found the one fly in the ointment: that at some point we actually had to sit down and write. — Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

Hello, my darlings. It’s been five months. And now I’m back.

Here’s how things work around here: Between my daily battle with fatigue and pain and my daily battle with a headstrong two-year-old, there’s little time and energy to live a life of my own. Things rarely get done without a deadline or other extremely pressing motivation. Like everything else that counts as optional, the blog falls by the wayside. Then I worry about the constant nagging stress of the unwritten post, and I wonder repeatedly whether it’s time to just quit.

But the combination of illness and baby has also reduced my real-world life to nearly nothing. Where I used to have a profession, and better yet one I was good at, now I just sit at home and try to fill the hours till Vera’s bedtime. Whenever I stop blogging, I feel like I’ve lost my voice in the world. Disappeared.

And so it goes: Slack off. Pick up. Quit altogether. Restart. Back and forth, ad nauseum.

Right now, at least, we’re forth. November is NaBloPoMo, the month wherein many bloggers make a commitment to posting every day. I still haven’t figured out the ultimate destiny for Two Wishes, but it seems an ideal time to burn through some of the 100+ compelling (to me, anyway!) topics in my “things to blog about” list. Hope you’ll stick around!

For that matter, between breaking my feed last fall and then my very long absence, I’m not even sure anyone is out there anymore…. If you’re there, please do leave a note in the comments and say hi.

  12 Responses to “I’m Baaaaaaaaack!”

  1. I’m here. It’s 4 in the morning a I’ve gotten about 1 hour of sleep cumulatively since last night. I’m soooooo here!

    Also, love that you quoted Anne Lamotte. Write when you can. I hear your voice.

    • Miriam! Honestly, for some reason when leaving that “say hi” bit I thought of you. Then I thought “there’s no way that poor exhausted woman will be reading blogs right now.” Don’t know whether to say I’m glad or sad to have been wrong — hang in there, hug the babies (well, baby and big boy), and hope you get some rest!

  2. Hi Tara! I’m here and I love your writing. I hope you continue to blog whenever you have spare moments– it’s always enjoyable to read your thoughts :) Take care and give Vera a squeeze from me!

  3. Of course I’m here, hanging on your every word as usual. Two Wishes is the first feed in my reader and it was such a pleasure to see a post from you this morning! Keep at it, gal. Your words are important, thoughtful, and funny. Reading your musings brightens my day, dear friend.

    I’m also wondering if Vera hit the streets last night in CandyFest ’11. Photos, pretty pleeeeeease!
    hugs and kisses, AB

  4. I’m here! :) I love your writing and I’m so excited you’ll be posting again. I’m also excited to see some pictures of little Vera, if we’re being honest ;-)

  5. I’m here!! I’m glad you are back to blogging! I’m a slacker at blogging myself these days (although I am lacking a very legitimate excuse at the moment) so I’m going to take your comeback as motivation to get my own butt in gear :)

  6. I’m here! Glad to see you back.

  7. Oh, my ladies. Too late to respond to each of you individually, especially as I’d mostly say the same thing for each. But so happy to see each of you here! Even if you turn out to be the only handful of readers out there, all that matters is knowing there’s someone — and especially such a wonderful group of someones — out there on the other end of the line!

    And I promise a Vera pic tomorrow.

  8. Welcome back lady! Always love to hear from you!

  9. So glad to see a post from you. I am always happy to see how you are doing and see pictures of your little pumpkin. Do know that I have appreciated your wit and friendship for many years!

  10. Hi! I’m here. I was just looking at the photos I took of you and your little monkey last year. Hope you’ll come into NYC again. Mould love for you to meet baby C.

  11. yay, you’re back! just spent the last few minutes catching up on all your new posts!

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