Jun 012010

I took a break from blogging in part to decide whether to continue.  For a while, I really thought the answer would be “no.”  But in the end, I emerged not only re-dedicated to this blog, but determined to start 2 more!  (Much more on that in coming weeks….)

Why blog, when it takes precious time and even money?  There are so many stories in my head! Without some outlet, I fear my brain would eventually explode.  I picture the famous Monty Python gluttony sketch — cramming in blogs and books and TV and articles by hour after endless hour, until all it takes is one more celebrity factoid or YouTube kitten video and — KABOOM.

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Baby and illness make me slow.  There’s no getting around that.  So, to let off some mental pressure until I can get a few posts written, may I present some links?

Amusing blurb on a 9-year-old overachiever.  I described this girl to Vera, with a request that she start supporting Mommy and Daddy in the style to which they hope to become accustomed.  (Unfortunately, she countered with the story of the baby with a black AmEx.)

Amazing, affordable home office makeover.  (Via Belle Maison)

Kotex has clever new ads poking fun at traditional “feminine care” commercials.  Media censors objected.  Which is why we have those goofy, euphemistic commercials in the first place.  (Via NY Times)

All I understand about astigmatism is that it’s harder to buy contacts.  Thank heavens for I Am Bossy’s convenient tutorial.  (Ah, who am I kidding, I still don’t understand.  But I got a good laugh.)

One of my major regrets from pregnancy = not strengthening my abdominal muscles.  This video tutorial describes a low-stress way to work that giant belly.  (Via Trainer Momma)

Colorful rooms from Project Nursery.

We all suspected it, and here’s some proof — how advertisers control content in fashion magazines.   Also interesting: how magazines cover trends.  (Via Searching for Style)

Chicken coops and high-end gardens: bringing new meaning to traditional homemaking, or just a new form of whitewash? (Via BigThink)

Edit, Add, Appreciate: 3 steps to a more authentic life.  (Via MakeUnder My Life)

What’s inhabiting your brain at the moment?

  2 Responses to “If You Like It, Make a Link to It”

  1. Hi Tara! Sorry we missed you tonight! But I was reading this the other day and saved the link to the Trainer Mom post for abs. I also just read your comment on OMG Mom. Do you think doing ab work while pregnant will help the loosened transversal ab muscle issue that you described? Is there anything else that you would have done while pregnant?

  2. Hi P! Sorry to miss you all as well — boo. I definitely DO wish I had done more to strengthen my ab and lower back muscles. I remember seeing gentle ab exercises in books and thinking they seemed so unnecessary. Wrong! (Though bedrest undoubtedly made things worse. Most moms-to-be won’t lose nearly as much muscle as I did.) I haven’t done any exercise yet because I am lazy, but you can find endless examples online if you google "transverse abdominal exercises." Here are some pregnancy versions that I saved: http://www.pregnancy-info.net/topic_other_topics.htmlI'll have to think a bit about how to list and phrase other regrets. Sounds like a blog post in my future. Stay tuned!

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