Dec 202012
Holiday Gift Guide -- Tea Party

Important supplies for an elegant tea party. Clockwise, from top left:

1. Kidcraft baking set. $29 at Target and elsewhere. (Also comes in a gender-neutral color.)

2. Haba black forest gateau. $15 at Goblin Kids.

3. Fabric flower crown. $24 from WildPlums on Etsy.

4. Kusmi Russian Blend tea set for the grown-ups. $32 at Lucky Scent.

5. Haba petit fours. $10 at Moolka.

6. Kid-sized apron. $12 from GrannyAnnieKids on Etsy. (And many others on Etsy, just search “apron” and narrow to the “children” category.)

7. Moroccan tea glasses for the grown-ups. Set of 6, $38 at Casablanca Market.

8. Magic rainbow wand. $11 at Romp.

9. Felt tea bags. $4 from Itsthesmallthings on Etsy. (Same seller also has a set with tea, cookes, and sugar cubes.)

10. Center: Schylling porcelain kid’s tea set. $24 at

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