Dec 212012

Christmas is practically upon us, but I still haven’t run out of guides! There are a handful more, so I’ll keep scheduling right up through the weekend. Consider it inspiration for birthdays, other holidays, or next year?

Holiday Gift Guide -- More for Kids

Clockwise, from top left:

1. Garden in a box. $13 at Uncommon Goods.

2. Oudordodo deduction game for ages 4+. $12 at JouetsChooChoo.

3. Colored bubbles. $10 at Think Geek.

4. 3D bug book. $14 at Amazon.

5. Cardboard play town. $19 at My Sweet Muffin. (See also: The very cool MOMA Play Town.)

6. Beginner jigsaw puzzles. $13 at Petit Collage. (See also: Tiny wooden puzzles in a box.)

7. Automoblox. $10 at Moolka and elsewhere.

8. Reusable sticker pad — home and furniture. $6 at For Small Hands.

9. Cool Japanese wooden robot that folds down into a cube. $30 at Emmo Home.

10. Bird wings. $16 at Magic Cabin. (See also: Butterfly wings.) 

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