Dec 222012
Holiday Gift Guide -- For Those Who Have Everything

Clockwise, from top left:

1. Swan watering can. $9 on Amazon.

2. Polka dot food storage set. $34 at French Bull. (I also like to pick up vintage Pyrex glass fridge-to-oven sets on eBay.)

3. Classic umbrella. $16 at Muji.

4. Wool dryer balls are a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly replacement for fabric softeners. $34 at Uncommon Goods.

5. Chipmunk doorstop. $28 at Terrain. (See also: Squirrel nutcracker.)

6. Takeya pitchers are tremendously useful for iced tea lovers or anyone who cold-brews iced coffee. $21 on Amazon.

7. Custom silhouette of a beloved child or pet. $23 from StellaGirl on Etsy.

8. Soap birds — when the dark outer soap washes away, a white ceramic bird remains. Half of profits go to oil cleanup efforts in the Gulf. $28 at Rare Device.

9. In the Netherlands, people hang these birthday calendars in the WC. In related news, I suspect people in the Netherlands are champs at remembering birthdays. $14 at Greer Chicago.

10. Reduce waste, save the planet. Titanium straw. $10 at Think Geek.

11. Wireless luggage finder. $25 at Edmunds Scientifics.

And of course there’s always the charity gift option. DC animal lovers can adopt a species at the National Zoo or donate pet goods to the Washington Animal Rescue League’s Presents for Paws. You can fund medical care directly for a specific person in another country, via Watsi. And if you’d like to let the recipient choose the charity (always a plus when you’re giving a charity gift), consider Razoo Giving Cards or a micro-loan gift card through Kiva.

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