Dec 052012
Holiday Gift Guide -- For the Traveler

Clockwise, from top left:

1. Travel-sized laundry bag. (Beats my oh-so-chic system of plastic grocery bags!) $5 at The Container Store.

2. “Joe’s Hair That Talk’s” — coffee table photo book featuring the signs of Ghana. $32 at Trade for Change, a web shop for fair trade products from Global Mamas in Ghana.

3. Cleansing grains — add water, and you have  face cleanser. Dry form means no trouble with TSA liquid rules. (Comes in a glass bottle, but easy to pour into another container.) $10 from Olimaxsoap on Etsy.

4. Cute toothbrush holder. $2.50 at Heliotrope Home.

5. Wet bags are useful for wet swimsuits, baby blowouts, travel toiletries, and more. This one is cheery and handmade. $20 from Foxyvida on Etsy.

6. “36 Hours” — a New York Times guide to weekend trips. $26 on Amazon. There’s also a European version. Other travel books from my own wish list: beautiful National Geographic books on Drives of a Lifetime and Journeys of a Lifetime, The Lunatic Express (“Discovering the World Via its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes”), Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day (man follows 1963 travel guide), and a Book of Cities for kids.

7. Baggu zipped bag set. $16 at See Jane Work. (See also: Muji mesh travel bags.)

8. Dopp kit. $23 at West Elm.

9. Center: Airmail zipper pouch. $9 at Mxyplyzyk.

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