Dec 022012

I’m nuts for gift guides, but the parade of “buy this” messages gets a bit much around the holidays. If you have the time and inclination, it’s also the perfect time of year for handmade gifts. Here are a few of my favorite easy DIY gifts:

Tabletop trees — fluffy yarn around a styrofoam base.

The Web offers approximately one million Christmas stocking tutorials. You can quilt fabrics for interest, cut stockings from unusual textiles like vintage quilts, sew together strips from felted wool sweaters, or go with simple felt-and-fringe.

Also one million options? Tree ornaments. Here are some cute and easy felt stars.

Plain dishware + ceramic marker = a pattern of your own design.

Cashmere mittens from an old sweater.

And while you’re cutting up that sweater, how about these sweet stuffed bunnies made from an old cashmere sweater? Or some quilt squares for an old-school stuffed Scottie Dog? Pieces for a monster stuffie or rag quilt letters and numbers?

If you’re the no-sew type, there’s squishy handmade play-doh or gilded crowns from lace and Mod Podge.

A baking whiz? Here are a few tasty-looking recipes for baked gifts from The Nifty Foodie, with ideas for packaging.

Finally, are you resorting to a gift card but still want to give it a crafty personal touch? Check out these completely adorable gift card envelopes.

Do you plan to DIY crafty gifts for the holidays?

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