Oct 052012

Is there anything parents dread more than those weeks when EVERYONE in the family is sick at the same time? Kiddo got sent home from school on the same day that mom and dad are feverish, which is the same day that Nana the Babysitter is bedridden? Greeeaat. We’re finally on the mend*, but tomorrow we’re off to celebrate the long weekend by traveling much too far for such a short vacation. Will catch up with you all next week!

[* How did I forget that the mysterious green pills crammed in our DayQuil box were Mucinex-D with real pseudophedrine? Not only are the two main ingredients great for mucus, they both hit me as mild uppers. What cold? Let’s party!]

And if you’re at home this weekend at a loss how to fill the extra day without Two Wishes to get you through? I recommend some armchair travel over at Chic Traveler. I write for them on occasion, but the recommendation is genuine. It’s an exceptional site for travel lovers. (My own favorite post is here. You could spend hours dreaming about the amazing hotels at that link.)

Have you been hit by the germs that seem to be taking the whole country by storm? Do you have exciting plans for Columbus Day?

  3 Responses to “Have Virus, Will Travel”

  1. I hope your whole family feels better soon. Have a wonderful time here in San Diego :) I’m glad my 5 Free post came in handy in time for your visit. BTW, I tried to subscribe by email but it’s telling me “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”. Safe travels!!

  2. What cold, let’s party…I heart you.

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