Dec 172009

In this info-oversaturated world, sometimes we need to see something over and over before it sinks in.  Such has been my relationship with Children Inspire Design.  I’m always looking for creative ways to use scrap paper or fabric, and have this Zinnia print saved in my inspiration files:

I’m also obsessed with peacocks, and keep saving this Peacock to my Etsy favorites.

I’ve admired this bird print on other blogs.

I even entered a contest on the Children Inspire Design blog.  Yet somehow I never realized that all these artists are, in fact, the same artist.  Until today, when I received email notice of a 50% off sale at her store.  And suddenly, Elsa’s nursery-to-be is ready to decorate!  We got the Zinnia, the Peacock, and a few other pretties, including this set of number prints in Chinese:

The Children Inspire Design 50% off sale is going on until December 19 (discount code: HappyHolidays).  Alternatively, her Etsy shop, Art and Philanthropy, is offering buy-2-get-1-free with free shipping, also through December 19.  She promises to deliver by the 24th, so hurry over if you need last-minute gifts for yourself or your loved ones!

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  1. I love art like this. Joann’s sells bundles of 6" square fabrics for quilting in "families" of color. They are super inexpensive too. That might be a great way to buy fabrics in different colors and do this project.

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