Nov 132012

I completed some small task the other day, and Vera hailed me with a “Good job, Mama!”

I tried on a new winter hat. Vera tilted her head for serious consideration, then declared “You look beautiful, Mama!”

Vera pulls us close, gives us bear hugs, says in a serious-as-the-whole-world voice, “Oh, Mama/Daddy, I love you so.”

At three, we can’t always tell which statements come from Vera’s own brain and which are just something she heard yesterday, last week, last month. Either way, the love and support reflected back from this tiny mirror is our proudest parenting achievement. I’m so grateful that we can create for her a world that feels positive and safe.

(And I have to say, no matter how young she is, or how old I am, the praise gives me a tiny thrill of happiness each time. Guess we never outgrow hearing it!)

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