Sep 282012

Ah, the thorny issue of packing shoes for travel: If you bring too many, they’re bulky and heavy. But paring down means you have to plan your wardrobe extra carefully so that everything matches in color and style.

Or, you could just do as our then-2-year-old did for one memorable cruise to the Bahamas — pick your favorite pair, and wear it every day.

Rain boots by the pool.

High fashion? Break out the rain boots.

You know what keeps sand off your feet at the beach? Rain boots.

Oddly, the rain boots actually worked with every outfit. Apparently, it’s all in the attitude — you’ve just got to commit to your look. How do you choose your travel shoes? Do you ever just pick a single pair and run with it?

Posted as part of Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday — a fun weekly peek at photos from all over the world.