May 052009

Hey, a snippet of news from my hometown just appeared on MSNBC!  Because Eau Claire doesn’t make the national news often, and because this is cute:

Police officers in Eau Claire, WI rescued 15 ducklings out of a storm drain on Monday.  The mother duck and one other baby, who did not fall in, reportedly “waited anxiously during the rescue,” but everyone was rescued safely and the reunited family crossed the street and waddled off.
(Photos thanks to WEAU tv)

I’m hoping the story had nothing to do with this Craigslist ad that also came up in my Google search:

Eau Claire WI
jumbo strain pekin ducklings $4.00 each. will be butcher ready in 8 weeks. must go asap. buy 1 or up to 40 location: menomonie
Jan 312009

I think this drain stopper is completely adorable.

At the same time, it reminds me of the scene in An Inconvenient Truth where an animated polar bear was half-dead and swimming, swimming, swimming because global warming meant no more ice floes on which to rest.  I almost cried during that scene.

So, what do you think?  Is this a happy item because this particular polar bear has found her floe and has a smile on her face?  Or would it turn bathtime into a constant, tragic reminder of the plight of the polar bears?

(image from Industrial Design Asia; product by Propaganda)