Nov 262008

These are only … er … three months overdue, but at last I have Alaska photos to share with you all. Alaska is absolutely beautiful, and it’s impossible to capture its large-scale grandeur in photos (at least, it’s impossible for my level of photographic skill), but it’s always fun to share a peek at life in a different place….

We spent our first day in Alaska at the State Fair. There were giant vegetables!

There were vegetables that looked like little people:

There was one whole building that existed only to torment me with beautiful foods we couldn’t eat (a/k/a, the prize-winning baked-good building):

And that finally drove us to the Fairway. There weren’t as many food-on-a-stick items as I might have hoped. (We did have scallops on a stick, but I’m not sure scallops really count.) But we did have our share of other Fair classics, including: fried food in a paper boat (fresh potato chips with garlic and parmesan), greasy food in a paper bag (mini donuts), and of course food in a cone (frozen cheesecake). We ate so much there was no room left for caribou-based products, but luckily there was time to make up for that one later in the trip!

And also? I got to hold a baby chick. PEEP!

  3 Responses to “Alaska Photos Part I : Alaska State Fair”

  1. I love the fair! I used to take pigs and show them every year, so I definitely have a soft spot for all of the craziness present. I would give anything for an astroburger right now (it’s some kind of strange crustless burger they serve in Washington)

  2. Awww, a baby chick! He’s so cute! How could you resist just popping him in your pocket and sneaking off with him?

  3. I saw these toys and thought of you! are lots of different animals but I thought the bug was the best. The cat’s pretty good too!

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