Dec 102008

We touched on Talkeetn in “Daily Lifebecause it’s where Sister-in-Law spends her long weekends, but I just had to give it one more post because I loved the town.  Talkeetna isn’t a large place —Wikipedia says the population is 772, and downtown is about 3 blocks long.  But something about the place is so welcoming and charming.

The town’s airstrip (below) may not look like much.  But Talkeetna actually gets a steady stream of visitors traveling between Anchorage and Denali.  Rafting, hunting, fishing, and flight-seeing also make Talkeetna a destination in its own right.

We had several good meals while visiting Talkeetna, including some tasty Caribou Chili at the restaurant behind this sign. Another local favorite is the 
Talkeetna Roadhouse, which has not-to-be-missed breakfast and bakery goods (and also well-priced guest rooms), if you’re ever in town.
But the best thing to come out of Talkeetna? Future brothers-in-law! My sister-in-law first visited Talkeetna on a whim, to check out their yearly Wilderness Woman Contest and Bachelor Auction. She walked off with a bachelor of her own, and this year, after the auction, he proposed.  We’re all thrilled about the new addition to the family and wish them both the very best.
The happy couple at our wedding.  (Photo byPunam Bean.)

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