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Hello, all!  Sorry to disappear for a bit — turns out Internet access during my travels was more difficult than expected.  I’m flying home tonight, and meanwhile am at a wi-fi coffee shop long enough to share more Alaska photos….

Was going to add some pics of our travels to the Kenai Peninsula, including the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, a 4-hour glacier cruise, and some close encounters with bears and moose at a private wildlife refuge along the Seward Highway. But then I realized the photos just weren’t that exciting.  So let’s just skip to the real reason for our trip — a visit to my sister-in-law’s house:

My sister-in-law has an amazing life.  She works as a specialty surgeon (urology) in Anchorage.  But every weekend is a long weekend, and she spends them in the charming town of Talkeetna (rumored inspiration for the 80s TV show Northern Exposure), jam-packed with outdoor activities.  Example: we sometimes throw sticks for Zoe to chase at our local dog park. But when Sis heads out to throw sticks for her dogs, the surroundings look like the above!

Sis has a white German Shepard (she has occasionally convinced gullible tourists that there’s Polar Bear in his lineage), and when he chases a stick, he chases a STICK.  This one was almost as tall as I am:

Our original plan was to stay in Sister-in-Law’s “guest suite”, an Airstream trailer that’s adorable inside (everything so perfectly compact!):

But the plumbing wasn’t hooked up, and Pregnant Lady wasn’t looking forward to multiple nightly trips to the alternative bathroom option:

So we stayed in their beautiful home, which exists “off the grid” on mostly solar power.  Their home is set in woods, and everywhere you turn are lovely nature sights.  The back deck looks onto a hill and a stream (just out of sight in the first photo), where a young bear often visits to snag fresh salmon:

Because we visited in early September, fall colors were everywhere.

And even a rusted pickup near the drive was a photo just waiting to happen:

Next stop: Denali National Park.  (Stay tuned!)

  4 Responses to “Alaska Part II : Daily Life”

  1. Great pictures! There are many days where I think I would love that life in the backwoods…then I have to make a run to Target and realize it would never work. :)

  2. I’m a semi-lurker here, but I just had to make a few comments:1) Your SIL has my dream life. Except for the urology part.2) I adore white German shepherds.3) You take beautiful photos!

  3. can’t figure out who i iz mo’ jealous of, you or your SIL…

  4. What heaven! Apart from the toilet hut and the urology.German Shepherds are my secret weakness, I’d do anything for a cuddle with a German Shepherd. Anything!

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