May 162009

(The happy couple at our own wedding. Photo by Punam Bean.)

As I type this, my beautiful and talented sister-in-law is marrying her beloved on a glacier in Alaska. They have to reach the spot by plane — how cool is that? And Mr T is there as a Bridesman.

I wasn’t feeling brave enough to fly a 2-month-old all the way to Alaska (we try for zero-crying in public, and that’s a lot of hours to keep a baby happy), so Wallaby and I are at home missing all the fun.

But Punam Bean is taking the photos, and I’m anxiously awaiting her next blog post!!!

  5 Responses to “A Wedding”

  1. Oh! I love Punam Bean! I can’t wait to see your sister-in-law’s gorgeous photos!

  2. Just wanted to say that I admire you and your husband for attempting zero-crying with your daughter in public!

  3. Shortie — I know, right??!? The wait is killing me! (Sadly, Punam left a camera behind in Alaska, so I fear the images may have to await their reunion…)Tara — Thanks! It’s not always easy. Yesterday she started a meltdown in Borders, and as all the other patrons glared, I was left shoving a bottle desperately in her mouth and whispering promises to buy her a pony if she’d Just. Stop. Crying!

  4. Tara, I haven’t met a Tara IRL but they’re all over the web! My florist is named Tara and I was even considering another Tara for our invitations! :)

  5. Just saw the photos on Punam’s blog– how stunning! Alaska really is a magical place– if they’d stop electing people like Palin, I may want to stay there a while longer!It’s hard work, trying to keep a baby from crying in public! Can’t you try for maybe 20% cry? That seems like it would be more manageable… mama’s got to get out!

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