Jul 242007

I’ve recently added a bunch of interior design blogs to my daily reading list, entirely for the pretty pictures.  And one of my favorite pictures of late has been this one:


Photo from Desire to Inspire

Turns out, I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to this fabulous dog.  Everyone in the design community either already has a Jeff Koons puppy vase or already covets one.   Unfortunately, they were designed in a limited edition of 3,000 and now sell for around $6,000 in galleries.  If you know me at all, you know that’s not going to happen!

But you can also probably guess where I’d turn for a solution … Ebay!  It turns out there are scores of “dog planters” on Ebay at any given time.  While they may not have the same high-end lineage as the Koons vase, many of them are quite stylish.  How about this guy, who’s listed for $7.50?


Or this little fellow, who’s from the 1940s (according to another listing) and going for a mere $1.99?


You can search broadly for “dog planter”, or try more specifically for “McCoy” or “Shawnee”, which are art pottery makers who seem to have created some of the more attractive dogs back around the 1940s.  Or you can also search for breed.  (Wouldn’t it make a cute gift to find the breed of a friend’s dog and fill it with flowers before a visit??)

My biggest problem is that I feel I should be loyal to Zoe, but the Sheltie (well, Collie) offerings aren’t really as stylish.  They tend to be more realistic rather than pop-artsy:


But I’ll hang in there.  Out of the thousands of listings on Ebay every week, I’m convinced it will happen one day.  I’ll keep you posted!

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